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I'm Good

i'm good
don't ever once you giving up on me
you know i think about us, can't you see?
nobody in this world that we can't be
i’m good
i never mind to live like a bee
flying to the top of an apple tree
looking to the ocean and the sea

i tell you a story 'bout a lucky man
he lost his way in a desert sand
finding his way to another land
no time to rest, he doesn’t' know when
no woman, no friend, no old man

until he finds a message in a can
it says,
"your journey will never end
so maybe you have to look again"

and the story flows
he realizes that he won't make it
surviving like a cat in blanket
it's really hard for him to face it
but something happen when it almost ends
he finds his love is stronghold to defend
they meet and kiss the moonlight no pretend
you will see him shining where he stands

you know what to do
when you keep trying to look up the answer