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I can reach the sky above the mountain
And pick a star then I give it to you
The sun is giving up to shine
But I still feel its warmth
The moon will smile and watch me ’till I’m gone

I will stay and wait for you in silence
And I will let the time come true
Until you realize that someone’s watching over you
To hold you in a blanket of truth

But you don’t come
You leave me in a sadness of broken heart
And I am here… alone in the loneliness

Take me to the place where I belong to
Before I met and fell in love with you
I shouldn’t have chosen the path that brought me to your arm
Now I realize I’m not the chosen one

You crash me down
You leave me in the sadness of broken heart
And I am dying… alone in the loneliness

How can you do that to someone that loves you from the heart?
I can’t believe what you’ve done to me, it really hurts