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Plastic Tree

Plastic trees are all I see
standing tall in misery
when the dark clouds color the ocean
and the ocean shrinks

yellow rubber bumblebee
flying around in the garden pea
they’ll eat honey batteries
hanging on the plastic tree

no more singing from the birds
no more roosters crowing
birds and roosters
made from paper

and paper made from wood
wood is part of trees
but no more trees in the neighborhood
so they made a Plastic tree

it’s the journey of reality
and the end of history
if the earth can understand me
i’ll say sorry

is it all our destiny
that we are our own enemy
the story of humanity
just a memory

 mercy me 3x

I’ll say sorry


Hey Mr.Referee blows your whistle
I wanna feel the air of life one more time
Don’t just hang your skeleton key
Help me to make the world become a better place again

 No more apple tree, No more lemon tree
Just a plastic tree, it’s the tree of fantasy

The earth mother nature (mercy me)
The ocean and the sea (mercy me)
The sky and the mountain (mercy me)
I’ll say sorry

The air and the water (mercy me)
The island and the tree (mercy me)
The future generation (mercy me)
I’ll say sorry